Montreal Roast

Nobody loves roast beef like my Justin and I don't mind bragging that I make a great one. When we have it on hand, he'll eat it on sandwiches. It also goes great with potaters, of course! My friend Bethany helped me take my old roast to the next level with the recommendation of Montreal Steak Seasoning to wake up the flavors for "a party in your mouth"!
2.5 - 3 pound Roast
3 cups water
Montreal Steak Seasoning

Place roast in crock pot with water. Season the top liberally with Montreal steak seasoning. Cook on high for 8-10 hours. Shred with fork on a cutting board or platter and serve.

Tip: It's extremely, delightfully moist, but it will dry out fast if you don't serve or store immediately. The moisture will evaporate from that super-hot meat if you aren't careful. If you plan on using it for next-day sandwiches, put it in a ziploc back immediately after shredding to keep it moist. Once it cools with the moisture, it will remain moist.

Update from Miss Bethany herself!
"Mmmmm. This is our VERY favorite roast. We add garlic powder, parsley and seasoned salt to it as well. TIP- my hubby hates meat warmed in the microwave 'cause it gets rubbery. For moist leftovers, heat it in the oven (covered) for about 10-15 min. Tastes good as new, especially if you save any juices from the crock pot with it! We also like to mix leftovers with bbq sauce mixed with mustard and a little vinegar for a bbq sandwich on yummy kaiser rolls- kinda like a pulled pork sandwich, only beef. My mouth is watering."


Aimee said…
And I was just thinking about making roast on Sunday!

Question - do you really cook it on high for that long?
Just want to make sure before I try it... :)

Looks delicious!!
Megan B ♥ said…
LOL, I really do. I used to cook it on low for 18 hours, but I had to flip it over in the morning or it would get hard on top. I made this just yesterday and truly truly did do it on high for that long! I did it for 8.5 hours and it was awesome, but another little bit would have been delicious too. It just gets more and more tender!!! What you see in the pic is what you get! Moist, shreddable deliciousness!
Megan B ♥ said…
And don't forget the water or it will be a burnt disaster!!
Heather B said…
Wow... my mouth is watering.
Aimee said…
This was soooooo good! I'm "no longer allowed" to make my old-standby roast, now. :)
LP said…
What kind of Roast do you use?
Megan B ♥ said…
Whatever is on sale, usually eye or round. I've used all kinds though.
terrah said…
I'm making it tomorrow! Thanks!

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