One-Ingredient Apple Dip

I learned this "recipe" while I was teaching English in Russia 15 years ago. I was thinking about it recently and decided to make it again so that I could see if it was as delicious as I remembered. It was, and then some! In fact, I was hard-pressed to convince my neighbor's husband that I really and truly only used one ingredient.
1 can of sweetened condensed milk

Take the wrapper off the can. Boil the UNOPENED can in a pot of water for *3 hours. Keep adding water as it evaporates. Keeping a lid on the pot really helps with that problem. Stir the can once in a while. Tip it over, roll it around, whatever.

Remove it from the pot after 3 hours. Set aside until cool. When I made it, I set it aside for about an hour, but the can still felt hot. At that point I dropped it in a bowl of ice water for about 4 minutes and then it was all ready.

Open the can, scoop out the yummy, decadent deliciousness, and serve as a sweet, carmel-like dip! It is so good! We ate it fresh and then we ate it again the next day right out of the fridge. It stores well!

*Some recipes recommend boiling for 4 hours, but based on their descriptions and the photos I found, their dip seemed to be more firm. I prefer it soft and spreadable, so I stuck with the 3-hour recipe that I had made before. It was great!


I made this after seeing this post yesterday. AWESOME!!!
My husband requests this all the time thanks you to you! I did in in my pressure cooker the second time so it was faster and I MUCH prefer the slow boiling method FYI
Melissa Johnson said…
I haven't tried it, but I've seen a recipe that is exactly the same only they do it in a crock pot - no replacing the water...

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