The Most Amazing Chili

My friend Jamie gave a recipe for the most amazing chili. We have made it several times and we never get sick of it. It really is fan. tas. tic. This is one of my husband's very very very favorite recipes. I'll just say that regardless of how the ingredients below may sound, this is definitely chili. This is not taco soup!

1 can chicken broth
2 lbs ground beef (you can substitute 1 of the pounds with pork)
3 cooked, shredded chicken breasts
3 cans "ranch style" beans
2 C sweet corn (frozen)
2  24-oz jars of salsa (I always use one jar of Sam's Choice (Walmart brand) "black bean and corn", and 1 jar of their "garlic and lime".**
1 additional cup salsa if your choice 
1 cup brown sugar

Brown beef and cook chicken. Mix all other ingredients in the crock pot. Add meat, mix well, and simmer in crock pot on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours, stirring occasionally.

*Be sure to add wet ingredients first, meat last, otherwise the meat may get stuck to the sides of the pot and burn.

**This recipe needs larger than a 5 quart crock pot to prevent spillage over the sides during cooking.


Kim Hamilton said…
Let's have a chili cook-off sometime! I have a divine recipe too...we can see whose is better! LOL! :)
Aimee said…
How many quarts is your big crockpot... I want to be prepare when I make this. :)
Megan B ♥ said…
I THINK that it's 5 quarts.... I THINK that it's this one....

Maybe.... maybe its not such a big crock pot....
Bonnie said…
All right, Megan. I'm not a big chili fan, but I'm going to try this one. Fingers crossed.

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